When we open every window, 2019

Drywall, wood and acrylic paint

120 x 120 x 240 inches

GeoVanna Gonzalez

Grund Gallery, Berlin Germany, 2019

Photography by:
Anastasia Muna 

The mind is structured. There’s an analog geometry to how we think and remember, locate and socialize, ideate and act. Against entropy we are order-builders: our architecture and design create lines and grids that mimic those neuroscientists are now discovering in our brains. In two neighboring synapses the network of coordinates and markers that we use to locate and path find ourselves are created and stored. And it is from these same brain mechanics, as Barbara Tversky has shown, that we construct concepts and stories. Grids and lines and systems are how we make sense of the world. Being comes from place. There is no who without where.

A participatory social experience, an interventionist incursion, GeoVanna aimed to facilitate and conjure shared moments. Events throughout the show’s span, posed questions about proximity and intimacy, privacy and community.