HOW TO: Oh, look at me, 2021

Powder coated steel and expanded metal

120 x 192 x 144 inches

Pulp Arts 
GeoVanna Gonzalez

Solo Exhibtion, Locust Projects, Miami Florida, 2021

HOW TO: Oh, look at me is made possible, in part, with support from Locust Projects, Oolite Arts, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, and Pulp Arts.

Photography by: 
Zachary Balber
Juan Luis Matos 

HOW TO: Oh, look at me is part of an ongoing series in which GeoVanna created work that visualizes poems featured in the online, open-source poetry collection tutorials ( by Martin Jackson. Inspired by his poem No Rothko the work considers how our identities are constantly being molded and shaped, a process reflected in both the work and the project that inspired it.

The structure is designed to represent the technological grid systems that shape our modern-day personal relationships and social exchanges. In the case of HOW TO: Oh, look at me, GeoVanna specifically turned her gaze to Jackson’s internet personal comments / marks on a work that exists in the public domain

The installation was accompanied by a film featuring two dancers, their movements responding to the sculpture, alluding to the way we interact online: those transitions we make as we modify our public and private personas; the things we share; the things we obscure; the things we surrender. 

No Rothko
after William Bronk

Somebody said to me, during the intermission,
that I remind her of a Rothko painting,
which surprised me. Surprised me that,
appealing as he is – us being there,
in that paint of his,
by not being there – that no,
I don’t have any poems
about any Rothkos.

Some of us paint to grope in the dark,
I tell her. Not one of us sees anything.
Listen: not one thing is there.
We are, all of us, edgeless,
and senseless. Look at me.
Oh, look at me.
We have to start now.

By Martin Jackson