Moving Interlude, 2021

Aluminum, acrylic glass, one way mirror film, and concrete

72 x 72 x 180 inches

Custom Metal Solutions GeoVanna Gonzalez

The Plaza at Government Center

Commissioned by:
Fringe Projects
Moving Interlude is a sculptural intervention that was placed in the urban landscape of downtown Miami. Overlooked by the Brutalist severity of Stephen P. Clark Government Center and surrounded by the United States Courthouse, Federal Detention Center, and Family Court Service Center, Moving Interlude is a reversal of the Foucaultian power dynamic. Its placement in a public park amongst bureaucratic placeholders challenges the traditional dynamic between the built environment and open spaces.

Influenced by the theories of sociologist Henri Lefebvre, GeoVanna was interested in revealing how urban design, city planning, and architecture embody cultural values and create spatial injustices. The latter is manifested through anti-social or hostile architecture, an urban design strategy in which elements like railings, one-way glass, and partitions are camouflaged within the built environment to control behavior, restrict movement, and “maintain order”.

Moving Interlude is designed to reshape and reconsider the social interactions between and amongst multiple communities – including city workers, commuters, civilians, and houseless individuals.