Lost Underground, 2021

2 channel video:
10:25 mins

Written and Directed:
GeoVanna Gonzalez

Film Produced:
Monica Sorelle
Pamela Largaespada

Director of Photography:
Jessica Bennett

Juan Luis Matos

Javier ‘Bilu’ Coello

Sound design:
Yesenia Rojas

Costume Design:

Funding Support:
Oolite Arts
Maven Leadership Collective
Kismet Creative Studio
Taking the form of an experimental dance film, Lost underground explores the vital role of queer clubs. Motivated by acts of communal care, queer spaces function as expressions and embodiments of desire, fostering intimate connections with people, through music and movement. This film reflects on the importance of these spaces, as conduits to freedom, preservation, and liberation, both prior to and during the pandemic.