The Tea Room, 2023

Powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass, and IPE wood

108x108x84 inches

Platform 3750, Miami, Florida

Custom Metal Solutions

Commissioned by:
Miami Dade County’s Art in Public Places

The Tea Room is a functional structure Commissioned by Miami Dade County’s Department of Cultural Affairs for a newly constructed condominium in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida. Situated in the building’s waiting room, the space is designed as a momentary respite before crossing the threshold into the outside world.

This installation was inspired by spaces for tea ceremonies, such as chanoyu zashiki (茶湯座敷, sitting room for chanoyu), sukiya (place for poetry and aesthetic interests), and kakoi (囲, divided space).

The installation is made out of powder coated aluminum, frosted tempered glass and IPE wood. The frosted glass softens the light in the space while creating an area of privacy. The dark cherry wood adds some warmth to the space. While the olive green color is a nod to the tranquility of nature.