HOW TO: Oh, Look at me, 2021

Run time:
12:30 mins

Written and Directed:
GeoVanna Gonzalez

Monica Sorelle

Director of Photography:
Jessica Bennett

Juan Luis Matos

Eddie Moon

Sound design:
Nicole Miglis

Costume Design:
GeoVanna Gonzalez
Nicole Miglis

Funding Support:
Oolite Arts
Miami Light Project
Miami Beach Art & Culture
Kismet Creative Studio

HOW TO: Oh, look at me is a film that captures a multi-layered, interdisciplinary performance enacted as an activation of GeoVanna’s sculptural installation of the same name. Through the performance, the installation is transformed from a static form into a space that encourages contemplation, meditation and connection.

In the film, through the dancers and poets who interact with and within the structure, GeoVanna explored how we navigate the realities of our virtual existence: both on and offline. Are we really there, if we didn’t document it? Are we really seeing someone for who they are, or something for what it is, if not mediated through a screen?

The two dancers are seen in a constant state of rejection and acceptance—their bodies writhe together then move apart, the rhythm and tempo increasing and decreasing in intensity as their struggle becomes more fervent.